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Vacation In Yogyakarta Waterfall Jurug Gede Gunung Kidul

Curug Jurang Gedhe is located in Dusun Gembyong, Ngoro-ngoro, Patuk, Gunungkidul or 12 km from Pathuk District or can be reached for one hour drive from Yogyakarta City. This natural tourist object deserves to be a tourist destination other than Nglanggeran Ancient Mountain. The beauty potential of this object offers an exploration tour by climbing a steep hill. Enjoying the beautiful waterfall Gedhe Gorge is not difficult because local residents have given a signpost that can be a guide for tourists to reach the place. After traveling through the asphalt road, entering the village of Gembyong, tourists will be treated to views of green rice fields with roads that are only in cement but safe enough for both two-and-four-wheeled vehicles. The beautiful journey to the waterfall Gedhe Gorge we can feel with the many shady trees and tongkeret voice mutually bersahutan each other. In addition visitors can see two large trees that become one of the markers for tourists to reach the location of the Gedhe Gorge Curug

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