Bali Luxury Villas – Bali Five Star Villas

Bali Luxury Villas – Bali Five Star Villas

Bali Luxury Villas – Bali Five Star Villas – Bali is one tourist area that is quite complete. Starting from nature tourism, to cultural tourism is there. Tourists who came was free to choose alternative tourism in accordance with their wishes. One of them by visiting a unique tourist village and may not exist elsewhere.

Bali Luxury Villas – Bali Five Star Villas

1. Panglipuran Village

The first popular tourist village in Bali is Panglipuran Village. The remaining land in the village is functioned as a local plantation. This village has become one of the popular tourist villages in Bali. Nevertheless, the richness of the culture there is maintained until now.

This village has a very unique form of settlements, the houses that still use natural building materials such as bamboo, wood, and also the foliage as a roof. The village is also very clean and tidy.

Bali Luxury Villas – Bali Five Star Villas

2. Ubud Village

One of the Cheap Holiday Tips to Bali is to visit nature tourism. Its appeal is a beautiful and unspoiled natural landscape in Ubud.

The village of Ubud also has another attraction besides its natural landscape, the art center of Bali. Some of the typical arts in the village of Ubud are popular with domestic and foreign tourists is the art of carving, dance, sculpture, painting, and others.

Ubud Village also currently has a predicate as an international tourist village, so its name will be more popular and visited by many local and international tourists.

Bali Luxury Villas – Bali Five Star Villas

3. Pelaga Village

Village in Bali is Pelaga Village. The location is in District Petang, Kab. Badung, Bali.

Pelaga Village area and agrowisatanya often referred to as Bagus Agro Pelaga. The location of this village is on Mount Catur, which is in Puncak Mangu. Interesting thing from there of course its natural beauty is still green.

Cool and cool atmosphere will make tourists feel at home to linger there to enjoy the scenery.


Choose your favorite destinations and visit the village tour while on holiday to Bali. May be useful. Bali Luxury Villas – Bali Five Star Villas.