3 Best Indonesia Travel Guide Place

3 Best Indonesia Travel Guide Place

3 Best Indonesia Travel Guide Place – Generally, what we imagine in mind if a word “tours” that pass through our minds are beautiful places visited by many people. It feels great if you mix up memories there.
However, have you ever thought that the sights are not all beautiful?
Below are 3 tourist destinations in Indonesia that tend to be dangerous. You should think again if you have planned a vacation to the following places. Let’s look at the reviews. Do not forget to provide sweet coffee or warm tea next to you so that tension that may arise later can melt immediately.

3 Best Indonesia Travel Guide Place

3 Tourist Places in Indonesia that must be in Beware :

1. Pulau Banyak (Aceh)

Still remember the big tsunami that hit the city of Aceh 2004 ago …? Certainly still fresh in our memory, how a city that runs what it is suddenly turned into a sea of ​​hysterical screams. The media covered. Artists are busy capturing the moment in their work spill. Perhaps that event will continue to be remembered forever by future generations of Indonesia.
This tourist spot is famous for its underwater beauty. Lately news spread of 2 tourists from Germany and Belgium lost without a trace. Allegedly they dragged the waves or terlalap local crocodile’s mouth.

2. Mount Sinabung (North Sumatra)
Compared to other volcanoes such as Mount Merapi and Mount Kelud, this mountain is most active. Counting from 2010 to 2016, Mount Sinabung has erupted many times. So famous for the uncontrolled eruption. So, if you intend to vacation visiting this mountain, better reconsider. Until now this mountain is still under surveillance and alert status.

3. Ijen Crater (Banyuwangi – East Java)
Green crater in the middle of Mount Ijen is indeed beautiful and much hunted by climbers. At night, anyone could see the blue embers emerging on the top of the mountain. There, visitors can also find rare flowers called edelweis.

But, do you believe …? Apparently behind the beauty there is a dangerous thing. The famous Ijen crater has the highest acid content in the world. Especially sulfur heaps that can poison the visitors.
Well that’s 3 Tourist Places in Indonesia that should be in the beware of which you should reconsider if you plan to visit it. Is it 100% unsafe to visit the three sights above? Of course not.


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