Indonesia Travel Open Trip in Mount Bromo

Indonesia Travel Open Trip in Mount Bromo

One of the famous mountains of its natural scenery in the East Java province is Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is one of the volcanoes located in 4 districts at once. Mount bromo is an integrated tourism area located in Tengger Semru Tourism area. In this one tourist area, there are various tourist destinations in the mountain Bromo is interesting with a myriad of beautiful natural scenery in this tourist area. ranging from hill climb to the sea of ​​whisper sand is very famous. Bromo mountain tourist area is very famous for the beauty of natural scenery, especially the sunrise panorama. Therefore, it is not surprising that many tourists who are willing to climb to the top of the mountain in the early morning to see the panoramic beauty of the rising sun from a very famous mountain peak. Selian it, there are many other famous tourist destinations in this mountain area bromo. if you want to spend time on vacation by visiting this bromo tourist area, here are some reference places where the tour can be a reference for you. Natural Beauty Places In Mount Bromo

1. The top of the mountain climb

Hill climbing is an interesting spot to see the panorama of sunrise, which is located at an altitude of about 2770 meters above sea level. To get to this hill area, you can rent a jeep vehicle, by passing through extreme terrain, including through the sea of ​​sand. Above the peak of this climbing, you will be treated to beautiful panoramic sunrise, and can see the row of mountain batok is very beautiful.

2. Sea of ​​Sand Mount Bromo

Have not visited Mount Bromo, if you have not reached the sea area of ​​this region of sand. the vast sea of ​​sand in this mountain area bromo is about 10 sq. km, with various kinds of beautiful natural scenery around this sea area of ​​bromo mountain sand. you can also ride a rented jeep car, to get around in this sea of ​​sand bromo mountain.

3. Bromo Crater as a Natural Beauty Places on Mount Bromo

Bromo crater also includes one of the tourism icons are also visited by many tourists. But to get to the crater part of this bromo, you must travel quite extreme by driving a jeep. But this bromo tourist area, you can only get to the limit of safety, to keep your safety.

4. Madakaripura Waterfall

This one waterfall, still entered into the area of ​​Tengger Semeru National Park, unique, this waterfall formed between the cave basin which is located behind a background full of moss. With 3 large waterfalls, the typical mountain scenery will be more pronounced in this area. Waterfall madakaripura this you can meet on the route when heading to the mountain area bromo.

5. Savanna Prairie

Bromo mountain tourism area there is also a prairie area that is widely known as teletubies hill tours. The beauty of the meadow in it is very beautiful. If you are climbing bromo mountain through the south path, then you will find beautiful scenery of green savanna grassland area. Of course, by taking care of environmental cleanliness in the tourist area around this mountain bromo, you will also participate memabntu maintain the sustainability of this tourist area. hopefully useful as a recommendation of your preferred tourist destination if you want a vacation to the mountain tourist area bromo.

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